Cordeel Group NV is a Belgian building company whose new headquarter is located at ‘De Zaat’ in Temse, Belgium. Bulvano took on the challenge to furnish this incredible office.


Talking about a view!

Cordeel and Binst Architects have managed to capture the look and feel of the company with this stunning building, so we took the challenge to create an interior equally dazzling. bulo-cordeel-photo-cafeine-be-4.jpg Bulvano proudly enhanced the project with quality furniture. cover.png Bulvano has used several exclusive brands in this project: such as Orangebox, Nurus and Martela to create this stunning interior.

Diagonal – Martela

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space dividers. Diagonal is easy to create into a relaxed environment for small conferences or for a lobby layout.





Of the four sofa elements, one is slightly higher than the others and can offer a place for a laptop. Diagonals can be combined to create striking and stylish layouts. By changing the sofa elements and the space dividers, the combinations are limitless.

Fletcher – Orangebox

Bligh and Fletcher are light and manoeuvrable upholstered stools. Bligh has a cube shape with elegantly rounded corners and Fletcher is cylindrical. Both are ideal for use in breakout areas and interactive learning spaces.



Cwtch – Orangebox

Cwtch is a distinctively elegant high back sofa solution designed to offer that essential private place in any busy workspace or public space. Cwtch enables exciting but workable sociable clusters and landscapes of soft seating– aesthetically contrasting or coordinating.


Away from the Desk – Orangebox

Away from the desk is a soft upholstery system which answers the needs of our rapidly changing workplace as we migrate away from the predominance of the personal desk, with its fixed and tethered technology. Individual spaces seamlessly integrate with larger, more collaborative working configurations, at lounge, table or café height. Facilitating, both concentrated personal work and collaborative team work. bulo-cordeel-photo-cafeine-be-79.jpg

Isola – Nurus

Because of changing working habits, new needs emerge that call for redefined spaces in the workplace. A space that allows for concentration and communication to co-exist….A space for brainstorming activities or minute-meetings... Isola perfectly matches these emerging trends in the workplace. 2.jpg

Pitstop – Nurus

Pitstop is the stop for quick, productive, creative meetings; hence the name. Its design defines private areas and allows effective teamwork or individual work. Pitstop helps to flourish new ideas and increases motivation while giving the workers a break.



Pitstop has technology solutions like lighting, power connection, internet access and LCD screen. Apart from the acoustic effect on the inner and outer surfaces, Pitstop has panels that have different color and fabric options. Its desk length is adjustable.





Together with our parent company Bulo we accomplished the style and interior the client has asked for. bulo-cordeel-photo-cafeine-be-72.jpg bulo-cordeel-photo-cafeine-be-63.jpg

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