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Mediterranean Shipping Company is a privately owned global organization with 60000 employees over more than 150 countries. Being a part of one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, MSC Belgium in Antwerp wants to create a stimulating environment for its employees. Transparency in the office landscape is one of the key elements to lower barriers between colleagues of different hierarchic levels. Increasing the transparency will create a more vivid environment which amplifies the cohesion between individuals. Our Interior Architect Mira De Middeleer was given the opportunity to implement the old caretaker’s house into the brand new executive offices.

I am convinced that changing from a seated position to a standing position from time to time is beneficial for your performance and your mindset during the day. It also makes the smaller meetings more efficient as people are more productive when standing up. All these advantages make a person feel productive and leads to more creativity and an overall feeling of well being. – Marc Beerlandt (CEO of MSC Belgium)



In order to augment the transparency, Bulvano came up with the idea to create glass walls around the executive offices. By doing so, the impression was created that an executive office is not a place with an invisible barrier but an environment that creates creativity and provides solutions. A well chosen set of Nurus configurations maintains the classic, professional look that an office of MSC Belgium deserves. A remarkable solution was given to the entrance of the executive offices. A broader entrance creates a more welcome environment and an open kitchen was included as well. This solution creates a more social environment and a place for more informal pursuits.






The office environment is a vivid place because of the glass walls and gives the visitor a welcoming feeling. The classic looking desks provides a soothing and professional look. The usage of glass walls and a broader entrance to the executive offices has created a more communicatively way of working. Bulvano has managed to create an environment which includes all the needs of MSC Belgium. The old caretaker’s house has been revamped into a high-end working environment without changing its origins. An impressive piece of architectural vision..


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