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Amphora VZW in Wingene (Western part of Flanders)is a residential care center and a part of the GVO-group which consists of 9 care centers in West Flanders and distinguishes itself by having a tradition of unique hospitality: Every guest gets treated with the best care, warmth and attention. This treatment, given with great expertise and humanity, is key in the daily workload of its employees. Bulvano and Amphora VZW share the same values regarding the maximization of quality in the services they provide. The renowned English architects Sergison Bates did an astonishing job regarding the creation of a replacement of the former care center into a stunning multi-use bulding.





The materials and colors which are used regarding the furniture are specifically chosen in order to give the environment a modern look and feel. Bulvano likes to add that little extra sparkle to create an atmosphere which expresses warmth and the feeling of being welcome. Bulvano envisioned a colorful place which breaths creativity and vitality. With this idea in mind, Bulvano and Amphora VZW collaborated and concluded on a magnificent result.

Home is not a place.. It's a feeling


When entering the building, visitors and inhabitants do not feel the known atmosphere from a residential care center but the feeling of entering a warm community. Bright lights and light colors are to be found in every corner of the building due to the extraordinary structure of the building. The furniture chosen by Bulvano and the client is not the type of furniture you would expect in a care center! It really makes you feel like home. This project is to be considered as a leading example of residential care centers of the future.





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Pictures: Kristien Daem

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