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“Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool” is a well known educational institution in Antwerp, Belgium. A collaboration between POLO Architects and Bulvano has proven to be a sublime mix of ingredients to create a magnificent building. Situated at “Park Spoor Noord” close to the center of Antwerp, the building is one of the newest eye catchers of the city. The idea was to get rid of the old fashioned way of dividing spaces into more open environments to stimulate interaction and creativity.

The colors of Bulvano’s configurations needed to be chosen in a way to break the neutral choice of materials which are being used to construct the building - Bea Geboers (Interior Architect at POLO Architects)


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POLO Architects created an environment both challenging as well as inspirational. They amplified their idea with a well-considered choice of Bulvano furniture. Colorful, informal configurations were added next to the more formal auditorium furniture. Self-fulfillment should be made possible not only between the walls of an auditorium but outside as well. Bulvano’s Diagonal provides seating for students to collaborate or to have a chat. The auditoriums are optimized for the needs of students in order to provide an ergonomic way of sitting during courses. Students and lecturers should feel at home when attending Artesis Plantijn.

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The carefully chosen configurations are meant to stimulate cross-fertilization between students. Shades of red were chosen as a reflection of Artesis Plantijn’s corporate identity while numerous tints of green refer to the green area of ‘Park Spoor Noord’. Also blue was taken into account which is the universal color of jeans and related with students. The diagonals which are visible in the structure of the building are drawn into Bulvano’s configurations. Thanks to the structure of the building along with its meeting areas and interior, Artesis Plantijn is an unmatched benchmark.

Photography © Stijn Bollaert

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