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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is one of the “big four” of international audit and consultancy companies. PwC considers human capital as paramount, so it built a new headquarters in Luxembourg for nearly 2,500 employees where values such as transparency, social commitment and sustainability are now more tangible than ever. In addition, PwC wanted to increase its attractiveness even more for the new generation of high potentials.

The Bulvano design stimulates the interaction desired by PwC between the experience of PwC partners and the fresh ideas from the new generation of consultants


Even though smart working is taken for granted by first-class consultants, the profession lacks well-thought out smart solutions for interior planning. Bulvano was taken by the new PwC logo and the clear the values it stands for. Thanks to a sophisticated but clear space plan, Bulvano stimulates the information exchange throughout the building that is so important for PwC. This is symbolised by the numerous walkways and pleasant meeting places. There is even a bar in the Parisian style that has the added advantage of relieving the burden on the “full-time” meeting rooms. And, in the Academy Zone, the VIP areas and the central Atrium, Bulvano balanced the combination of PwC corporate chic (expressed in wood) and the open corporate culture (expressed in glass and bright colours).


The cross-fertilization desired by PwC between the experience of PwC partners and the new ideas from the younger consultants is now expressed organically. Thanks to all areas being optimised to the smallest detail and the furniture specially designed for PwC, different moods can be created throughout the day. So, the same room can be simply formal or playful, informative, and informal. The essence of an audit firm such as PwC lies in always advising clients with a view to a worthwhile future. This “future-proof” DNA is now practical and can be clearly seen everywhere. This approach allows all generations to feel at home at the new location and encourage each other's qualities.

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