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Familiehulp is a Belgian organization with headquarters in Brussels and with different subsidiaries all over Flanders. With more than 11000 employees, they provide home support services to elderly people, young families and everyone in need. They tailor their services to the needs of each individual to provide trust, innovation and quality service. A new building is constructed in Ghent to centralize different departments and to improve every aspect of their core tasks and responsibilities. The choice of furniture used in the offices has to be aligned with the activity based office-principle. Every type of work has different needs so the solutions provided by Bulvano were well-chosen to fulfill these needs the best way possible. Doing so, it enhances the productivity as well as the satisfaction of the employees.





It is important to have a crystal clear idea of the different tasks the employees have during the day. There’s no need to be in a fixed location during the day. The choice of the furniture should encourage people to use every solution based on the task they are on. Closed solutions are implemented to provide employees the possibility to work alone or in group in a concentrated manner. These solutions are often alternated with semi-open solutions with acoustically limited features. By organizing the space in the above-mentioned fashion, excess noise and unwanted disruptions are excluded from the office environment. The offices are able to support 80% of the employees at the same time to encourage working from home.





The carefully chosen configurations are implemented according the activity based office principle and are being used by the employees of Familiehulp. No walls were used during the construction of the office area to maintain maximum flexibility. Another important aspect regarding the flexibility is the implementation of a locker system for each employee so pedestals are no longer needed in desks as well as the implementation of the clean desk principle. Pictures are added on the walls of Bulvano’s BeROOM to increase the employee’s connection with the core values of the organization.

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